Matrix Punks NFT #1 to #100

Welcome to Matrix Punks NFT collection! These are 100 uniquely designed Human, Zombie, Ape, and Alien NFTs unplugged from the Matrix.

🖼️[Metaverse Gallery](

🤝🏽Backgrounds are from “The Matrix” series, promotes cultural diversity, and skins are from actual human medical conditions.

🛠️Utility Dapps including breeding, token rewards, and airdrops for 2 or more held in a single wallet address.

🎥NFTs will act as a collectible for the upcoming movie [Matrix Ressurrections](

#100 to #65 (Original) Human 0.01 to 0.0975 ETH
#64 to #29 (Rare) Zombie 0.1 to 0.975 ETH
#28 to #11 (Super Rare) Ape 1 to 9.5 ETH
#10 to #2 (Ultra Rare) Alien 10 to 18 ETH
#1 (Secret Rare) Hybrid 100 ETH

🧒🏽🧒🏻10% Donated to [Young Center for Immigrant Children’s Rights]( @thegivingblock.

This project is not affiliated with Larva Labs.